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Natural Reduction Without The Use Of Polluting Technologies
Canadian NPN Certified Disinfection And Natural Health Products
Can be used for a long time, no need to evacuate the population when disinfection
Gaseous form disinfection, wide coverage
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FCB Extract Preparation Is A Pure Natural Organic Product
It Can Be Used In Large, Medium And Small Places Such As Crowded/high-risk Scenes
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What is F.C.B. Naturalplant Extraction?

F.C. B. natural extract is a multifunctional therapeutic agent developed for disinfection and sterilization of public health air. The antibacterial atmosphere mist produced by F.C. B. natural extract is a safe and green antibacterial agent. The active components in red cedar leaves, such as α-pinene / β-pinene/pinene, can kill viruses, bacteria and microorganisms by destroying the membrane or protein components of virus particles. They are safe and environmentally friendly antibacterial vapors. F.C.B. is a species of pinaceae from the pristine Queen Charlotte Islands of western Canada. It is widely used by the local "First Nations".

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